We believe in creating products which are super safe and produced after a long chain of R&D processes. This is why, in the beginning of 2020. Innovation, Performance & Trust. I believe these priorities enabled and allowed us to respond more effectively to the growing needs of the consumer.

We are dedicated for more than 2 years now across the India to provide mothers with safe, clinically proven mild, and 100% gentle baby care products. You can feel confident that Our Innovations and standards of products are more than skin deep!

the quality of our Baby Wipes making it the ideal choice for every mother to take care of their precious ones right from the day they are born. Our baby wipes are 100% pure and safe as a touch of the mother. Hence we proudly call it Minimonks Baby Wet wipes.

In the year 2020 under the leadership of our CEO, Mr. Tejas Kumar Reddy transformed Minimonmks(Natal basics) into a true champion of a brand it is today. With its utmost commitment to the group’s positive future strategies Minimonks promises to rise as an industry leader securing endless possibilities to innovate, collaborate and raise industry benchmarks. we believe our brand name holds a promise for all our stakeholders which is well reflected in our Moto:

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