Minimonks baby wipes are the world’s purest baby wipes. Minimonks baby wet wipes contain 99.8% water so they are safe to use on delicate newborn babies’ skin.

No. We recommend you do not flush Minimonks Baby Wipes or any other wet wipe.

Most hospitals will supply cotton wipes to be used with water for nappy changes — even for more vulnerable newborns in NICU or SCN. A water wipe replicates this experience, once you leave the hospital. I encourage new parents to honour the precious and delicate skin of their newborn from the very beginning, giving careful consideration to the topical creams, soaps and shampoos they use.
At Minimonks, the safety and comfort of babies is our top priority. We provide assurance that our products are safe by sourcing only the safest raw materials from the start.
Yes. The ingredients we use are common in most wipes and are used safely by millions of babies around the world every day.
Minimonks baby wet wipes are made in Telangana, A Product of Natal Basics, India.
No. Our baby wet wipes contain 99.8% water.
No. Minimonks baby wipes biodegradable wipes are currently not suitable for home composting.
Yes. Minimonks baby water wipes contain 99.8% water. Many people used Minimonks baby wipes between bathing times as they are more gentle on a baby’s skin.
Minimonks baby wipes are made from 99.9% water.
Yes. Our baby wet wipes do not contain ingredients that could further irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Minimonks baby wipes are not a cure for diaper rash – but importantly they don’t contain the ingredients that can cause or exacerbate diaper rash.
Like all wet wipes, Minimonks baby wipes have an expiration date. We recommend opening(Use) within 24 months of the production date and using the pack within one month of opening. The production date and expiration date is printed on the back of the pack.
Our baby Minimonks wipes contain water 99.8%. Water is nature’s natural cleanser and moisturiser.
Yes. Our Minimonks baby water wipes don’t contain any artificial fragrance.
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